A changed perspective on life

What started out as small talk with a fellow passenger at the Virgin Airlines lounge, turned into a changed perspective on life. London is a city I had never explored before; a complete mystery. Not knowing who I will met (in this case, the incredibly awesome Jaguar team), where I’ll go, what I’ll see or experience. I was in for a bigger treat than I expected. It all started with Dinner and Drinks (@ the London Hix). The food was delicious; but it was the people I met who really made my night special. The following day, together, we learned about the fine craftsmanship of Jaguar cars, had lunch at the Shard (tallest building in Europe) and visited the powerhouse of modern art at the Tate museum. As great as the day was, we all couldn’t stop thinking of the main reason we were there; the Jaguar XE reveal.

T h e   f u t u r e .

This event was beyond any typical car reveal. It was a game changer. The Jaguar London XE reveal made me feel like I was home in Broadway, New York City.  With performances by Emeli Sandé, The Kaiser Chiefs, Eliza Doolittle and the Royal Ballet, the show was far from ordinary. Everything from the actors, dancers, singers and especially the story line, truly inspired me. Achieving your dreams was the theme throughout the show. I even cried a few times (don’t judge me!). Seriously, can you blame me? Here I am, amongst 3,000 Jaguar VIP’s witnessing the unveiling of a huge transformation in luxury sport sedans; and *feeling* the power of believing in yourself to reach for the stars. It was a special moment. A moment I will cherish forever.

No Sleep till’ # N Y C 

Later that night, I had unfinished business with the gorgeous city of London. I grabbed my tripod & camera and hit the streets of London, UK. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by some great new friends. We started at Big Ben, passing the London Eye making our way through each bridge, passing the Shard and finally crossing over the London Tower Bridge. The night was far from over. In fact, it was just getting started. We took a bus across town, making our way to Buckingham Palace, walking through St. James Park (where we had quite the interesting steel wool experiment), and made our way to Piccadilly. I have always wanted to ride the tube, but the hours of operation were against my favor, until now. Once 6:30 AM hit, my awesome friend came up with a brilliant idea to ride the London tube back to our hotel (even if it was only one stop away), while the other incredible photographers went home to get ready for their workday. I was having such a great time that we purposely missed our stop and took the long way back to our hotel. The night (or morning) ended off with some coffee, breakfast and some deep conversations. What started off as a few quick flicks, turned into a night filled with adventure of priceless memories. 

Next thing I know, I’m in a gorgeous Jaguar headed to the airport, going back to New York City.


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