After a full late night shooting session, I walked into my office with my large cup of hot coffee, ready to start the work week- just like any other Monday. It was a beautiful day, and the morning was running smoothly, but I couldn’t help to feel a certain way. Staring at my computer screens was giving me anxiety. My mind was going crazy: “Why am I here? Why am I HERE?! WHY AM I HERE!!!” I knew what had to be done, although I never thought I’d have the guts to officially do it. I got up from my desk and went to warn one of my colleagues on my team that I would be leaving our finance firm within the next month or two. As I sat back at my desk, the words “month or two” kept repeating in my mind. Am I really going to wait a “month or two” to pursue my dreams? Then it hit me- NO F****** WAY! I got up, walked over to my manager- and gave my notice. 


Sometimes, the greatest things in life are unplanned. Do I regret this decision? No. What I would’ve regretted was if I stayed, and continued life wondering- what if?


I don’t know where life will take me or who I will meet along the way, but I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life. Thank you for the constant continuous support. It means the world to me.


If you never try, you’ll  n e v e r  know.